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Cyber law enforcement and court cases

three young engineers were charged with deception for writing a bogus smart contract on the ethereum side chain Arbitrum. I was tasked with analyzing the smart contract and explaining my findings to the court.
The biggest criminal encrypted phone network at the time. I was tasked, before the encryption was broken, with clustering users based on metadata alone.
Privat vs. Kolomoisky
A court case in the U.K. where I was tasked with assessing the expected revenue from a Bitcoin mining operation
For the first time in France, a law enforcement agency was authorized to mass-remove a piece of malware from infected computers without the explicit authorization of the victim, no matter where the infected computers happened to be. I was tasked with monitoring the botnet while we killed it, logging0 and counting the remediation actions, and looking for reinfections or clean-up failures.
This is, to the best of my knowledge, the first time anybody has been convicted in relation to a ransomware operation. I was tasked with taking over the bitcoin forensics part of the investigation, started by a good friend of mine, who then took it over from me two years later once he got to Europol.

Software I've written

The french ministry of Justice paid north of a hundred millions euros for a piece of shit for dysfunctional software. A colleague and I wrote a tool to filter the bogus output out of the investigation data, thus preventing hundreds false leads.
A semi automated labelling system for pedopornographic images
Make it look like a PDF was printed, signed, and then digitized again. Useful to placate stupid bureaucrats.
Transparent yet confidential accounting
I wrote the first smart contract to be officially used by a government institution. See my article about it (in french).